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04 November 2022

We're Now Available on SpeRaToBo!!

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01 April 2020

Rose-Coloured Spectacles & Pekingese Dreams | ♡Kiki || Everyday Kiki+Koko | 日常の嬉嬉+興子 | Nichijou no Kiki+Kouko

(NOTE: This post was written in advance of the COVID-19 (新型コロナウイルス) pandemic. Please pardon anything that could be misconstrued as detached from the situation in light of the current climate concerning the crisis. Any positivism was meant for situations outside of such a dark time in Earth's history. But, even still, what is positivism for if not for dark times such as these, even if it is as unbridled as in this article. Hopefully, this will still be a light in your days even during this difficult epoch in our journeys.
Stay Safe.


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Hello, every-nyan! It's Kiki-chan!°˖✧◝(๑・ω・๑)◜✧˖°

I hope you are having a brilliant day! And if you aren't, that's okay, too. Stars shine brightest in the bitterest of cold, and you couldn't see their light without some darkness.

12 March 2020

Studying Smörgåsbord & Pedagogical Pitfalls | ♡Koko || Everyday Kiki+Koko | 日常の嬉嬉+興子 | Nichijou no Kiki+Kouko

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Hello, konnichinyan! Koko, here.

How are you, today? I hope you're doing well.

Who am I? Well, if you don't know me, my twin sister, Kiki, and I create Japanese language and culture lessons and articles on under the series: Kiki+Koko: Let's NihonGO!!.

29 February 2020

Welcome to our Blog! | ブログへようこそ!

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Hello, Earthlings! はじめまして、地球人様!

We're Kiki+Koko, twin Japanese language and culture teachers residing on Earth. You may recognise us from our regular contributions to the Japanese language and culture blog at known as Kiki+Koko: Let's NihonGO!! We create podcasts, music, videos, and more for your edu-tainment.And, though we already interact with you every other day by providing an ever-growing library of free Japanese lessons, we feel as though there's even more for us to offer. Betwixt lessons lies little segments of life and enjoyment that we'd like to share with you!